Why KiloCar?

A New Car Ownership Equation.

We believe in a future where traditional car ownership is optional. Why own a car, with all related costs, depreciation and headaches, when that’s no longer required. KiloCar is an affordable and flexible alternative to buying a new car.

Peace of Mind.

From purchasing and registration to ongoing maintenance and ultimately selling the car, we take care of everything so you can simply enjoy the drive! It’s the car experience you’ve been waiting for.

We Save You Money.

KiloCar negotiates wholesale and volume discounts on every aspect of our service and passes along the savings to you. In addition to no down payment, maintenance or registration costs, you’ll save all the money you would typically spend on gas each month with only a small increase in your electric bill.

Our Mission to Benefit the Environment.

Our vision is to facilitate over One Billion electric miles driven annually within the next 10 years. By making it so easy and affordable to drive electric, we make Planet Earth a cleaner and healthier place to live.

We Reward You for Sharing.

Our goal is happy and passionate customers who help Drive our Mission. We reward you for sharing your KiloCar experience with others. You’ll Drive Free after 4 referrals and then start to generate supplemental income. (learn more)