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A VIP Membership allows you to rent, share and buy electric cars from KiloCar for business or personal use. It also enables you to make referrals, drive free and receive ongoing commissions. You can join KiloCar for free as long as you are referred by an existing member (otherwise it costs $25). The Starter membership allows you to participate as a community member and start making referrals until you decide to become a VIP Member. To rent/drive a KiloCar or to receive commissions, you must first upgrade to a VIP Member.

It costs $49 to become a VIP member, which includes the credit/driving record check and the first year’s Membership. Please make sure to add your referrer’s affiliate code at check-out so he/she gets credit for introducing you to KiloCar.


Level Price  
Starter $25.00 now. Select
VIP $49.00 now. Select
RainMaker $499.00 now. Select
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