Your KiloCar awaits…

You can be driving your KiloCar this time tomorrow (with less than 1 hour of your time!) by completing these steps:

1 – Become an approved VIP KiloCar Member (< 10 Minutes)

VIP Membership allows you to lease, rent, share and buy electric cars from KiloCar for business or personal use. It costs $49 to apply, and this fee also covers your 1st year’s Membership. To get formally approved as a VIP Member before ordering, Submit Your Application Here & Make $49 Application/Membership Payment Here.

2 – Order your KiloCar (< 20 Minutes)

You have 3 options for ordering a KiloCar: 1) New KiloCars that are in-stock and ready for pick-up in your local area; 2) Gently-Used KiloCars that are in-stock and ready for pick-up in your local area, and 3) Custom Ordered KiloCars that take 6-8 weeks for delivery, but you get to order exactly the colors and upgrades you want. New and Custom Ordered KiloCars require a 24-month lease commitment. Used KiloCars are available on a month-to-month basis as well as longer terms at reduced rates. It’s your call! Order your KiloCar Now.

3 – Execute Lease (< 10 minutes)

Once you order your KiloCar online, we’ll automatically e-mail you a lease tied to your specific KiloCar and lease term. You simply click on this lease agreement, review it and execute it via DocuSign. You can review sample leases here for New KiloCars and Used KiloCars.

4 – Add Insurance on your KiloCar (< 10 minutes)

Once you order your KiloCar, you need to call your insurance agent and let him/her know that you’re leasing a new car and need to add it to your insurance. You’ll likely need to provide the VIN# and other info on your KiloCar (see lease, product page or order e-mail for these details). Make sure to refer your agent to our minimum insurance requirements here.  Or, download this PDF and forward it to your insurance agent.  Make sure to insure the minimum levels of insurance and add KiloCar, LLC as the Additional Insured Party as well as the Loss Payee. You are good to go on this step once you’ve successfully added your KiloCar to your insurance and e-mailed a copy to

5 – Make any required payments prior to pick-up. (Automatic)

When you order your KiloCar online, you are triggering the base monthly subscription for the KiloCar and term selected. The total amount actually due prior to pick-up is $49 (application fee, if not already paid in Step 1) + $200 (KiloCar disposition fee) + the pro-rated portion of your first month’s payment. Once you officially execute the lease agreement and provide your payment info, we’ll coordinate with you to collect any remaining amounts due prior to scheduling a pick-up. At the first of each month, we automatically collect your base rent plus any overage miles from the prior month.

6 – Schedule a Pick-up (< 10 minutes)

Congrats! You have now been approved as a VIP KiloCar Member, ordered your KiloCar, executed a lease, added insurance, and paid the upfront amount due. You’re now ready to schedule a pick-up. Everything can be done in under an hour of your time and the process moves as fast as you do. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help. You can always call customer service at: 801-692-3006 or e-mail us at