Q. Where is KiloCar available?
A. Currently, we are only available in the states of Colorado and Utah. You must live and drive KiloCar in one of those two states to qualify. We hope to expand into other states in the future.

Q. Do I need to become a VIP Member?
A. VIP Membership allows you to lease, rent, share and buy electric cars from KiloCar for business or personal use. It also enables you to receive referral commissions. You can join KiloCar for free until you decide to become a VIP Member. It costs $49 to apply, which includes the first year’s Membership.

Q. What types of electric cars are available with KiloCar?
A. Currently, we only work with the Chevy Volt. Click here, to learn more about the Volt and its various advantages. We plan to offer the Chevy Bolt EV starting in 2017 and the Tesla Model 3 starting in 2018 as well as a variety of other electric car models in the future. We evaluate other electric cars on an ongoing basis to determine suitability with our program.

Q. How much does KiloCar cost?
A. It costs $49 to apply for VIP Membership. If approved, your monthly fee is based on your selected car type and lease term length as follows:

New / Custom Ordered KiloCars:
• 24-Month Commitment: $320

Gently-Used KiloCars:
• Month-to-Month mini-lease: $320
• 6-Month Commitment: $310
• 12-Month Commitment: $300
• 24-Month Commitment: $280

In addition, we charge a $200 car provisioning / disposition fee on used KiloCars at the outset, so we can cover the administrative costs of re-listing, cleaning/detailing and re-charging/re-fueling the car. If approved, the amount due before pick-up will be the $49 (application fee) + $200 (KiloCar disposition fee) +  the pro-rated portion of your first month’s rental fee (less any amounts already paid). After that, we invoice you at the beginning of each month for that month’s rental fee, plus any overage miles from the prior month. Your monthly invoice includes appropriate sales taxes based on your location.

Each month, you get 1,000 miles included in the price of your KiloCar. On the next 1,000 miles (1,001-2,000), overage miles cost 20 cents each and on the next 1,000 miles (2,001-3,000), overage miles cost 12 cents each. All overage miles beyond 3,000 each month are free. In other words, each KiloCar comes with unlimited miles at a maximum extra cost of $320 per month.

Q. How much money can I expect to save in reduced fuel consumption by driving a KiloCar?
A. Most customers let us know they save at least $100 a month in net fuel savings (reduced fuel consumption less increased electricity usage). We encourage our customers to always drive on electric miles as much as possible to increase this fuel savings each month. Also, we encourage free public charging whenever possible. Your actual savings will vary each month based on several variables including: the number of fuel-powered miles replaced by electric-powered miles, the price of gas at the fuel pump in your area, your current car’s fuel efficiency, and the cost of electricity in your area. We can help you estimate your monthly gas savings driving a KiloCar.

Q. Are there any requirements I should know about before applying?
A. Yes, KiloCar customers must meet these minimum requirements:
– A steady job making at least $350 a week in take-home pay
– A valid U.S. Driver’s license
– A U.S. Bank Account
– A Decent Credit Score (600+ ideally)
– Solid Driving Record (No DUIs or reckless driving incidents)
– The ability to get car insurance
– Live in either Colorado or Utah for now
– Sorry in advance, but no smoking or pets allowed in KiloCars.

Q. Can I really drive a free car? What’s the catch here?
A. No catch, we promise. We pay you instead of other forms of marketing to acquire new customers. We intend to keep our overhead low, so we’ll always prioritize this referral program. Each active customer referral lowers your monthly payment by $60 for new KiloCars or $30 for used KiloCars. After 5 new KiloCar referrals or 10 used KiloCar referrals, we chip in $20 a month and you drive your KiloCar at no cost, for as long as your referred customers remain active. Applicable sales taxes and overage miles still apply but may also be offset by additional customer referrals.

Q. Is there a limit to how much I can get paid for making customer referrals.
A. No, sky’s the limit on customer referral payments. You must first become an active KiloCar driving customer to receive any referral payments. We first apply your referral commissions to your base lease payment, then to any applicable overage miles and sales taxes. Any positive balance after accounting for these expenses will be paid out to you monthly. Once your cumulative referral commissions exceed $600 in any calendar year, you must provide us with a W-9 form to continue receiving referral commissions.

Q. Can I put my company logo on a KiloCar?
A. Yes. We allow customers to put removable logos on KiloCars.

Q. Does KiloCar offer a rent-to-purchase type program?
A. Yes, it’s possible to purchase your KiloCar. Please contact us for details.

Q. Do I need to sign a lease and take delivery of my KiloCar before I can start referring customers.
A. No. Actually, you may join KiloCar for free and begin making referrals right away. Some choose to wait until they can Drive Free (with 4 active customer referrals) to sign a lease and pick-up a KiloCar. Keep in mind, any referral commissions earned don’t begin to accrue or benefit you until you are an active premium KiloCar Member.

Q. Can I smoke or have my pets ride in a KiloCar?
A. No. Smoking and pets are not allowed in your KiloCar and will result in an extra deep-cleaning charge of $500. We’re sorry about this rule, but it is necessary because your KiloCar will likely be driven by other customers in the future.

Q. What is the minimum lease term required to get a brand new 2017 KiloCar?
A. To drive a new 2017 KiloCar, you must execute a 24-month lease term. Otherwise, you can select from our available inventory of Gently Used KiloCars in your market with a month-to-month term or longer if you want a reduced monthly rate.

Q. What options will I have at the end of my 2-year lease?
A. At the end of your 2-year lease, you’ll have 3 options:
1) Return your KiloCar back to us
2) Continue to rent it on a month-to-month basis at the same price for as long as you’d like
3) Talk to our sales team to learn if purchasing your KiloCar makes sense. Please contact us for details.

Q. How long does it take to get my vehicle delivered if I custom order it?
A. It can take anywhere between 6-8 weeks for delivery. You can utilize a short-term, month-to-month lease on a Gently Used KiloCar while you are waiting for your brand new one to arrive.

Q. If I custom order a KiloCar, can I select an upgrade color, leather seats or a Bose Premium Sound System?
A. Yes, you can order exactly the options you want when you custom order your KiloCar. Premium options selected result in an increased monthly payment over the 24-month lease as follows:
– Kinetic Blue Mettalic Exterior Color (+$20 per month)
– Siren Red Tintcoat Exterior Color (+$20 per month)
– Iridescent Pearl Tricoat Exterior Color (+$40 per month)
– Premier Leather Seats (+$35 per month)
– Bose Premium Audio Sound System (+$25 per month)
– Driver and Passenger Heated Seats / Comfort Package (+$20 per month)
– Illuminated Charge Port (+$10 per month)
– All-Weather Cargo Mats (+$5 per month)

For example, if you order a fully loaded KiloCar (Siren Red with Leather/Heated Seats and a premium Bose Stereo System, your monthly payment would increase by $100 ($20+$35+$25+$20) from $320 to $420.

Q. Do I need to insure my KiloCar prior to driving it?
A. Yes, every KiloCar customer is responsible for adding KiloCar to his/her insurance prior to driving it. We can make introductions to some high-quality agents if you need to get insurance. Also, below is the minimum level of insurance you must add before picking-up your KiloCar. You must maintain at least this level of insurance for the entire duration of your KiloCar lease. See more info about insurance requirements here.

Q. What happens if my situation changes and I can’t complete my lease term?
A. Just let us know and we’ll make arrangements to have you return your KiloCar. In this case, we simply charge you an early-termination fee per the lease agreement.

Q. Can I rent a KiloCar on a daily or weekly basis?
A. Yes, this option will be available soon at the Denver and Salt Lake City International Airports. This service includes curbside delivery of your KiloCar and free electric miles. The daily rental fee is $59 with a 20% discount for any reservations greater than 5 days. Contact Us to learn more and to schedule a reservation.

Q. Does KiloCar offer a Car Sharing program?
A. Not at this time.